Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Forging Big Iron

Some days I forge nails and hooks from delicate pieces of ¼ inch mild steel. Some days the iron I work is a little bigger!

Part of the fun of blacksmithing is learning to solve the problems presented, no mater how large or small. This part is about 12 pounds and is made from a bar of ¾ inch by 1 ½ inch mild steel. It has been folded in half and is welded to itself.

The weld was needed to make a piece of iron that is large enough for the project. The next step is to punch a square hole punched in the center. That was done with a square punch and a helper with a sledge hammer.

Now I am shaping it. It is one small part of a larger project. I will leave the explanation of what it may become for a later post.

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