Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 1st: Snow at The Farmers' Museum

December is coming in with a bang at The Farmers’ Museum. Our first real snowstorm started at about 8am on December 1. At first the snow was just small icy flakes falling from the grey sky. But within minutes large fluffy flakes were coming down.

I took a picture of the Lippitt Farmhouse before the snow began. Here is a picture of the Farm as the snow started. I interrupted the farmers during their morning chores to get a picture. The snow built up fast on their hat brims!

Finally here is a picture of the Farm covered in snow. This was quite a way to start the month of December!


  1. Thanks for the snow! I'm originally a New Englander (and always will be) but am working at a historic plantation in Charleston, SC now. Last real snow here was '96!

  2. Bob,

    It was my pleasure! It was our first hard snow of the season. There is nothing like a few inches of snow to make it feel like winter. Sound is muffled, the air is crisp, and your boots crunch as you walk.

    Steve Kellogg - Blacksmith


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