Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting Ready for Spring: Plow Repairs

One of our tasks in the blacksmith shop is to repair and mend the tools used within the Museum. On April 4th, during our opening weekend, we will be Getting Ready for Spring and repairing an old plow. It is a good tool upon which to demonstrate repairs, as it needs several new parts. The plow is getting newly forged bolts, wooden handles, and other hardware as needed to put it back into use on the farm. In a future posting I will show more information about how to forge plow bolts. After our restoration of the plow it may be used by our team of working oxen to till the farm fields this Spring. That is exciting! This plow has not been used in decades but our care will return it to use in the field.
You can learn more about Getting Ready for Spring at The Farmers' Museum Blog.

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