Friday, February 26, 2010

Sugaring Off Starts in March!

We are still in the heart of winter when preparations begin for making Maple Syrup and Maple Sugar.  But Sugaring Off holds the promise that the trees know spring is on its way.  The sap flow that will awaken the trees from their winter sleep and cause buds to burst into leaves is also the flow we tap to make syrup.  Maple syrup is distilled sunshine and the promise of winter end.

Our farmers are busy washing buckets, sorting spiles, and preparing the ox cart for another seasons work.

The fire arch will be rebuild on the grounds, the boiling pan and pots scrubbed clean, and firewood stacked for another seasons work.

To see this late-winter burst of activity come to our Sugaring-Off Sundays, every Sunday in March.  Admission gets you a free Pancake breakfast with real maple syrup.  After breakfast you can wander the grounds, watch the farmers collect and boil sap, and visit with me in the Blacksmith Shop!

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