Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Lippitt Farm's animals in winter

Winter at The Farmers’ Museum is a slower time of year. The animals may not be seeing large crowds of people, but do have to face the challenges of a winter in the frozen North. They have warm stalls and coops for the evening but generally go outside every day.

The Dominick Chickens patrol the barnyard looking for dropped grain. If there is a cold breeze they head into the Sweet-Marble Barn.

The rooster was in the doorway of the Brooks log barn. He puffed up for protection against the cold, and was balancing with one foot drawn up to keep warm. Silly looking, isn’t he?
The sheep have thick, luxurious fleeces. The Cheviot Sheep look almost round with wool.

The Southdown Sheep have wooly faces and look ready to face the cold.

Zeb our Percheron horse has grown a thick winter’s coat. He looks pretty stoic eating in the field.
We have three more months of winter. The animals at the Lippit farm look well prepared.

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