Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why do horses need shoes?

Zeb was at the Fields' Blacksmith Shop recently to have his shoes pulled, his hooves trimmed, and the shoes reset. Why do horses need shoes at all? Some don’t. If a horse is working or pulling heavy loads on abrasive ground like our gravel roads then their hoof may be wearing faster than it grows. It that goes on long enough they will wear down their hoof wall and their hooves will hurt. Shoes protect their hooves from wear and the horse from lameness.

Why then does Zeb need to have his shoes removed and reset? Because his hooves have grown over the last 6 weeks. They do not get worn down because of his steel shoes. The hooves need to be trimmed to a proper length and angle. Here is Zeb getting his nails done!
Does getting the shoes nailed on hurt the horse? No. If it did he wouldn’t let us do it again and again. Here is Zeb and Dan our Farrier. They have been working together for twelve years. Zeb appears to be having fun, and is trying to pull out Danny’s shirt. Yuck, Horse slobber!


  1. A shoe is an item of footwear intended to protect the human foot so just like this this animal is supposed to felicitate our life so we need to care for it that's why shoes are too important for a horse, thanks.

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