Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Many Files in the Blacksmith Shop

After an item has been forged it may be smoothed with a file.
Files are used to cut and smooth steel down to size and to change the shape of a surface. Files are made from a bar of high carbon steel. The sharp teeth are used to remove metal from an object.

The shop uses many types of files. Varieties include:
  • mill files
  • hand files
  • pilar files
  • half-round files
  • rasps

Files at one bench are stored standing on end in the file box. Their size and type can be seen at a glance. More files are in protective storage in a drawer at the other bench. Each file has a slot in the wooden drawer to protect it. Files should not be stored loose in a drawer, as the teeth are dulled if they rub against each other.


  1. Can files saw through metal???

  2. I am looking for a good quality set of files what brand would you recommend.


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